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Functional Neurology

Do you have acute or chronic symptoms that you can’t explain? Functional neurology could give you relief and get your body back in optimal condition.

Keeping our bodies in good working order is a difficult task. There are stressors, injuries, toxic chemicals, and genetic issues that put our systems out of balance. If we ignore symptoms as they occur, they will eventually escalate and turn into disease – sometimes diseases that cannot be cured or reversed.

At Natural Foundations Healing Center, we combine the approach of Functional Neurology with Autonomic Response Testing, an organ reflex-based analysis, in order to determine the exact nutrients your body needs to reestablish balance and restore health. We focus on two key components: the analysis and the creation of a personalized health program that is specific to your body and your needs.

How does Functional Neurology work?

Functional Neurology is a very precise and scientific analysis of the body’s systems. Rather than just treat symptoms, it focuses on healing the root cause of dis-ease. It is a comprehensive approach to healing, allowing us to discover and correct the source of health issues so that the body can regain its ability to correct itself.

The use of the word function is the key. We measure the function of the organs and systems of your body and use nutrition and other natural treatments to promote the optimal functioning of your organs and systems. Our goal is to identify organs and systems that are not performing well, treat them naturally, and prevent them from degenerating to the point of dysfunction or disease.

An important part of functional neurology is the concept of neuroplasticity. Nerve cells are “plastic,” which means that they can be altered by what happens to us inside and outside. While these alterations can cause pain and dysfunction within the body, neuroplasticity also means that the nerve cells can be healed with intervention. A big part of that healing is the enhancement of the connection between the body and the brain so that there is proper communication along the nerve pathways. The cutting edge methodology of functional neurology can improve this communication, thereby not just alleviating symptoms, but also stopping the root cause of the symptoms.

With proper intervention, our bodies are also capable of creating new neurons to repair damage to areas of the nervous system. This can actually be a case of regeneration, or the new neurons may take over the function of neurons that have been lost. This is frequently the case when someone has a stroke, for example.

Functional Neurology Testing

We measure through blood, urine, saliva, hair analysis, and muscle response testing in our office to determine the function and health of specific organs and systems. In this way, we can stop the progression toward disease in its tracks.

The comprehensive analysis is done through lab testing to look at biochemical imbalances and also through reflex testing to assess your body’s neurological reflexes and acupuncture points. The neurological reflexes are derived from the part of the nervous system that regulates the functions of each and every organ.

Your Personalized Health Program

When your testing is complete, we create a customized program that will help to restore balance and optimal functioning to your body on every level. Using nutritional medicine, we might make dietary suggestions and prescribe herbs, potent oils, and supplements. We might also suggest massage or chiropractic treatment for a full restoration of balanced health, as well as state-of-the-art methods such as laser therapy, vibration therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, neurofeedback, rapid release therapy, and spinal decompression.

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